Nothing says you care Quite like a Vic's Popcorn Care Package

Give more than just a great feeling with our signature Vic's Care Package. Created more than a decade ago, it remains a timeless expression of care and consideration. Start with one large reclosable (8 quarts) poly bag of Vic’s gourmet white popcorn. Then add a personal touch by selecting any two large (3 quarts each) and one small (1 quart) poly bag of Vic’s flavored varieties. Plus, we'll throw in a couple of our famous popcorn balls.

Vic's Popcorn Care Package

shipping included!

An incredible assortment of all Vic's favorites! Gourmet white, three flavors, two popcorn balls, and two marshmallow/M&M's piece-o-cake squares make the care package completely irresistible!

Large Poly Gourmet White

Your care package will include one large, 8 quart reclosable poly bag of Vic's gourmet white.

Pick Your Large Poly Flavors

2 large 3 quart bags of popcorn

Pick Your Small Poly Flavor

1 small 1 quart bag of popcorn

Two Popcorn Balls & Cakes

Your package will include two colorful popcorn balls and two delicious marshmallow popcorn squares with M&M's.

shipping included!

In Vic's Own Words

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