Love is sharing your popcorn

plan a popcorn bar for your upcoming wedding.

It’s our opinion that popcorn should be invited to every wedding – it’s the perfect reception snack or party favor. Here are some answers to questions that will hopefully help make your popcorn wedding bar a success. Maybe some other fun ideas will pop into your head, too.

How Much Popcorn Will I Need?

We understand that weddings come in all sizes, so here’s a quick look at how much popcorn comes in every bag at Vic’s, as well as how many people that will serve.

Gallon Bag

60 cups
30 people

3 1/2
Gallon Bag

78 cups
39 people

6 1/2
Gallon Bag

180 cups
90 people

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2 lb
Bin buster

110 cups
55 people

4 lb
Bin buster

220 cups
110 people

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Keep in mind that, though some people will not eat any popcorn, some will eat extra. And they will most likely continue to munch throughout the evening. We recommend you estimate enough popcorn for everyone (roughly two to four cups per guest). And if you have some left over at the end of the night, all the better – Vic’s popcorn is just as good the next day as it is on the wedding day.

When Should I Order?

In our opinion, the most important wedding-day must-haves are as follows: bride, groom, popcorn. To ensure you have your popcorn on the day of, we suggest placing your order no later than two weeks before your event.

That being said, we know how satisfying it can be to cross off something on your to-do list, so you can always place your order in advance. Just let us know in the customer comment section at checkout that this is for a wedding, and let us know the date you would like to receive it. We suggest you have the popcorn delivered two to three days before the event. That way you can relax knowing it has arrived, and the popcorn will stay very fresh in that amount of time.

How Long Will My Popcorn Stay Fresh?

Here’s the big question, of course: how long will the popcorn stay fresh? To give you a bigger picture, any of our gourmet white popcorn will stay fresh for 10 to 12 days, and the flavored or sugarcoated popcorn will be good up to four weeks later. Just be sure and keep it stored in a closed container, at room temperature and out of the sun to contain freshness.

Can I Customize to Match My Wedding?

Of course! To start, you can order specific colors of popcorn. Though we can’t guarantee an absolute color match, we try very hard to get as close as possible. And we can also print a monogram, picture, saying, etc. on either red, white or gold tins. This is a great way to display your popcorn on the wedding day, and it even makes for a nice keepsake! Just give us a call at 877-330-VICS or contact us today to talk through details and pricing.

Please note that we need a month's notice to create any customized popcorn or tins. And due to high volumes during the holidays, custom popcorn colors cannot be created during the month of December.

What Are Vic’s Most Popular Wedding Flavor Combinations?

We’re not kidding when we say we have a little something for everyone. Here are our favorite wedding flavor combinations. (And our customers’ favorites, too.)

Classic Mix:

Gourmet White,Yellow Cheddar Cheese, Caramel Corn

The Sweet Tooth:

Kettle Corn, Caramel Chocolate Swirl, Butter-Sweet Toffee Nut

The Munchies:

Parmesan Garlic, Chili Cheese, Ranch

Kid Favorites:

Confetti, Tutti Fruitti, Caramel Apple

Ideas and Inspiration.

Favors With Flavor

Give guests a gift just for them. Once you have the popcorn, all you need are the right containers.

Mason Jars

Plain Paper Bags

Printed Paper Bags

Personalized Stickers

Vintage Popcorn Boxes

Paper Cones

Take Out Boxes

Scoops for All

Popcorn is just the fuel your guests need to stay out on the dance floor. Leave it out all night and keep the party going.

Different Sized Jars

Apple Crates

Metal Beverage Tub

Top It Off

Make it easier on yourself. Just set out our Gourmet White popcorn and let your guests choose their own flavor or mix.



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