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Special events call for some seriously special popcorn. That’s why we think that Vic’s Custom Corn should be the norm when you plan your wedding, anniversary, birthday or corporate event.

We can customize tins with your logo or image and fill them with the fresh popped goodness you’ve come to love from Vic’s. Choose from our huge variety of flavors or let us create a one-of-a-kind combination of colors and tastes to perfectly match your event. Savor the special moments in life with Vic’s Custom Corn.

Pop on by one of our stores, Call 877-330-VICS or contact us today to begin planning your event.

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Is there an option to have branded tins produced and if so, what is the cost? 

Yes. Each tin will be $4 - 5 for logo to be printed

How do we customize tins?

Please send in a jpg of the logo/design you are interested in having printed on the tins. The logo/design will be printed with a clear background and placed on the lid of the tins. (this is a great place to include a picture of an example if we have one)

Do you ship to multiple addresses? 


What sizes are available for corporate events? 

  • 6 lb bag (serves approximately 110)  white $26
  • 6 lb bag mixed (white and flavor mix) $45
  • 12 lb bag white (serves approximately 220) $45
  • 12 lb bag mixed $85
  • Family bag (serves approximately 36) white $11.75
  • Family bag mixed $32
  • Family bag flavor $50

How much do you recommend per person? 

Adults 3 - 4 cups

Above is dependent on what else is being served

What flavors and colors are available?

Flavors - white, cheese, caramel, confetti, cinnamon, chili cheese, jalapeno cheese, parmesan garlic, ranch, salt & vinegar, Vic’s mix, white cheddar cheese, lite varieties of salt and cheese, butter caramel with cashews, cajun, caramel apple, caramel cheese, caramel chocolate swirl, caramel nut, 

Colors - confetti colors - red, blue, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple. We can match confetti colors as close as possible to wedding colors. 

Popcorn Bar packages

  • 100 people, includes family bag of white, caramel, cheese and confetti along with sacks - $170
  • 200 people, includes above in double quantity - $320
  • Shipping costs on all orders are $17.50 per box. 

Can we pick the popcorn color? 

Yes. We will do our best to match the color of your event.

What is the lead time for corporate orders?

2 - 4 weeks depending on type of popcorn desired

Are individual gift bags available and if so what is the cost?


  • Small white poly Individual bags $2.00 per bag
  • Small flavor poly individual bags $4.50 per bag

Cost per person? 

  • Bulk bags $.22 - 1.39 per person depending on size and flavor
  • Small white poly Individual bags $2.00 per bag
  • Small flavor poly individual bags $4.50 per bag

How do I order for my event?

  • Order our Vic’s sample box which includes 6 types/flavors
  • Order online with quantity and type of popcorn desired.
  • Email 

What is the shelf life of the product? How long will it stay fresh?

Our popcorn will stay fresh for a week to 10 days when kept at room temperature. 


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